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  1. Add nginx-only hostings

    I'll like to create a hosting that only use Nginx as webserver. Also I'll like to do this with Node.js, but I think it will not be approved.

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    Current scope for Plesk Onyx is to enable an ability to serve all http(s) requests by Nginx only.

    Note: apache will still be installed. Switching of apache to optional component is subject for the next release.


    The ability to turn off Apache and have content served by nginx only on a per-website basis is now available in the latest Plesk Onyx 17.0.14 preview. We encourage you to check the implementation and let us know what you think. Please visit the following forum thread to learn how to access the preview: https://talk.plesk.com/threads/plesk-onyx-preview-and-feedback.337172

    How to try this feature:

    Go to any website, click Apache & nginx Settings and deselect the “Proxy mode” checkbox under nginx settings. The feature is also available in Service Plans.

    We would appreciate hearing your feedback on implementation of this functionality. Thanks in advance!


  2. Support dynamically assigned IPv6 addresses on Plesk for Linux

    Currently, Plesk for Linux filters out IPv6 addresses that were assigned dynamically by use of Stateless Address Autoconfiguration, or other means: https://plesk.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000239114

    This greatly limits IPv6 functionality in Plesk due to the fact that all hyperscalers (Amazon, Google, Azure, Vultr, etc.) provide IPv6 addresses using the autoconfiguration method.

    43 votes
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    The first step towards supporting dynamically assigned IPv6 addresses was made (https://docs.plesk.com/release-notes/obsidian/change-log/#plesk-18027).

    It is not a production-ready solution yet and it should be used for testing purposes only.

    There are a lot of virtual server and cloud providers and they provide different server environments. A new panel.ini option enable supporting IPv6 dynamic addresses. It means you can enable the feature and check how it works exactly with your server environment on a test or a staging server.

    Feel free to ask or reporting anything regarding the dynamic IPv6 addresses in a thread in our forum: https://talk.plesk.com/threads/support-dynamically-assigned-ipv6-addresses-on-plesk-for-linux.356606/

    — AY

    P.S. Everyone, please continue voting for this feature if you consider it important.

  3. Add support for MicroSoft Web Deploy 4.0

    Web Deployv.4.0 was installed on the server before Plesk.
    Now WebDeploy is displayed as installed in Plesk installer.
    However, it is not detected by Plesk in Tools & Settings > Server Components(Refresh does not help either).

    Please add support for WebDeploy 4.0

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