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  1. Move domains between subscriptions

    This is a feature that needs to be brought to the Plesk Control Panel.

    This request has been outstanding since Plesk 10:

    This wasn't possible in Plesk 11.5.

    It still does not appear possible in Plesk 12.

    At the very least, breaking a domain out into its own subscription would be a good first step.

    Search words:
    I cannot move domain to another subscription
    move webspaces
    move a domain within a multi-domain subscription
    multi-domain subscription
    migration manager
    transfer a domain
    separate subscription
    split subscription
    break out domain from subscription

    1,111 votes
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    Hi everyone,
    We’re glad to announce that an ability to move a domain to a NEW subscription is now available in Plesk Obsidian preview!

    To better understand how to improve the feature, we kindly ask you to answer a short survey.
    Survey link: https://pt-research.typeform.com/to/fz3KnI

    We would appreciate hearing your feedback on implementation of this functionality. Thanks in advance!

    — ZB

  2. indicate password strengh or acceptance during "reset password" process

    There are many customers complaining, they have to try several passwords during the password-reset process, before one is accepted. There is no visual indicator if the typed password fits the safety regulations.

    "Inside" plesk, the password strengh is indicated when they change theirs plesk- , FTP- or e-mail password. Why not during the reset-process?

    The highlight would be an indicator, that permanently shows if the typed password is strong enough or has to be stronger (with a tooltip/hint, what specifications has to be met or which kind of character is missing).

    5 votes
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