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  1. Retrieve data from Advance monitoring via CLI

  2. Delete all data after removing Plesk extensions

  3. Plesk Email Security remove outdated SPAM from spam folder  ·  open discussion

  4. Separate MySQL disk space storage and limits  ·  declined

  5. Search-Replace database for serialized data  ·  declined

  6. Broaden the search field, not just email addresses/users (include email forwarding section")  ·  declined

  7. Resellers should get outgoing mail control information for their customers  ·  declined

  8. Possibility block page on customer's web-sites on Plesk Panel (Windows).  ·  declined

  9. Application "Joomla 3.2.2" - Language and sample data BUG  ·  completed

  10. Clone domain files and database  ·  open discussion

  11. Make it possible to change the directory of extension data.  ·  declined

  12. it is so slow when importing or exporting data of database  ·  declined

  13. Fix bugs in Backup Manager  ·  declined

  14. Add the ability to encrypt a Database via Plesk interface  ·  open discussion

  15. Let nginx reverse-proxy deliver data from source system until transfer is finished  ·  declined

  16. Extract HTTP statistics from Plesk, the report should have data below:  ·  declined

  17. The mail setting server not saving data after last update /plesk/server/mail/  ·  not a feature

  18. Rights / owner change  ·  already available

  19. Add customization option for "Configure Email Client" window  ·  completed

  20. Make Let's Encrypt error details more compact  ·  open discussion

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