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  1. change mysql path  ·  completed

  2. Site Builder 4.5.9 for Linux and ProFTPd 1.3.5 (#PPB-4351)  ·  completed

  3. FileManager - better options for calculate size - cannot order list on size - bad for cleanup  ·  open discussion

  4. Rights / owner change  ·  already available

  5. Provide sufficient data in site backup file to re-register Joomla installed Application  ·  declined

  6. Make Let's Encrypt error details more compact  ·  open discussion

  7. MariaDB Xpand. Horizontal Scaling of Both Writes & Reads.

  8. Manage PHP-FPM status path and additional PHP-FPM settings globally  ·  open discussion

  9. Is it possible to use the Copy Data feature in Wordpress between two Plesk servers?  ·  declined

  10. Export Data from Filesystem  ·  already available

  11. Ask AWStats to report data at the end of the day, not at the beginning  ·  declined

  12. Allow to keep access logs on the server even after the domain is deleted  ·  declined

  13. If a relay is set up, please do not delete the data on the server. Thank You.  ·  not a feature

  14. E-Mail only for client / Constrain client to mail management  ·  declined

  15. make an data e-mail when create new domain in a server  ·  declined

  16. Google Auth also for customer not only admin  ·  already available

  17. Refresh the site content faster and restrict log files to max amount of data  ·  declined

  18. plesk migration mananger - bugfix  ·  not a feature

  19. Install Web Cache Plesk 12.5.xx  ·  declined

  20. Increase Firewall Activation Timeout  ·  declined

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