1. Cloud storage extension for Plesk  ·  declined

  2. website copy should also copy related database(s)

  3. Hide "Location of the website's files" field when there is just one subscription.

  4. add rar extract and compress to rar and other formats as well as zip available  ·  completed

  5. Add Mailman support to Let's Encrypt  ·  open discussion

  6. This is why I see that --no-zip doesn’t work in the right way, is not useful that Plesk use a switch like --no-zip and the destination direc  ·  declined

  7. Site Builder 4.5.9 for Linux and ProFTPd 1.3.5 (#PPB-4351)  ·  completed

  8. Add a warning before application installation  ·  open discussion

  9. Multiple MySQL Versions configureable over Panel  ·  open discussion

  10. Implement VersionPress as part of your WordPress Toolkit. It uses WP-Cli and is Open Source.

  11. improve on user management (and credentials) of protected directories on Apache  ·  declined

  12. add backup password protection to Backup Manager Backups ( doesn't have it at the mo)  ·  planned

  13. Smarthost/External SMTP  ·  open discussion

  14. Mailflow Monitoring, to testing the correct mail delivery  ·  declined

  15. Web Presence Builder: Continue developing it further on  ·  declined

  16. Add customization option for "Configure Email Client" window  ·  completed

  17. Email import tool  ·  completed

  18. Manage manual added Databases (without Plesk)  ·  completed

  19. plesk collapsed help  ·  declined

  20. Publish a help file for beginners how to upload a website from your home computer. Which files? SQL connect string?  ·  already available

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