1. distupgrade for Debian and Ubuntu (i.e. Debian Squeeze to Debian Wheezy)  ·  completed

  2. Add third party installations, paths/directories to your plesk backup  ·  declined

  3. Event manager - Pre and post action  ·  open discussion

  4. Easy removal X-Powered-By HTTP headers  ·  open discussion

  5. Allow the automatic installation of Session state database structure in an user DB from Plesk Panel for Windows GUI  ·  declined

  6. Domains by renewal date

  7. SPAM protection - Check if sender Mail domain exists  ·  open discussion

  8. Reload PHP-FPM only once with `/usr/local/psa/bin/php_settings -u` (Plesk 12.5)  ·  declined

  9. Add all PHP-FPM versions to watchdog when installed  ·  declined

  10. Offer proper sftp support through mysecureshell  ·  open discussion

  11. Synchronize Plesk Servers (Failover)  ·  open discussion

  12. Cloud storage extension for Plesk  ·  declined

  13. add rar extract and compress to rar and other formats as well as zip available  ·  completed

  14. website copy should also copy related database(s)

  15. Hide "Location of the website's files" field when there is just one subscription.

  16. Resellers service plans: Hiding resources that are not allocated to them  ·  open discussion

  17. Add Mailman support to Let's Encrypt  ·  open discussion

  18. This is why I see that --no-zip doesn’t work in the right way, is not useful that Plesk use a switch like --no-zip and the destination direc  ·  declined

  19. Site Builder 4.5.9 for Linux and ProFTPd 1.3.5 (#PPB-4351)  ·  completed

  20. Add a warning before application installation  ·  open discussion

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