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  1. Easy removal X-Powered-By HTTP headers  ·  completed

  2. Enable/disable debug in Plesk via CLI  ·  completed

  3. Fail2Ban automatically send report to abuse contact of IP owner

  4. Add SSH2 extension to PHP default extensions to improve security  ·  completed

  5. Create Reports for Clients  ·  open discussion

  6. Add new site or modify existing site without Apache restart /graceful restart  ·  more input required

  7. add backup password protection to Backup Manager Backups ( doesn't have it at the mo)  ·  planned

  8. Allow the automatic installation of wordpress inside a service plan  ·  completed

  9. Add ability to select 64-bit drivers in ODBC Data Sources  ·  open discussion

  10. Autosave a shadow copy (local storage perhaps) of an ongoing edited file to prevent data loss in case of session timeout  ·  open discussion

  11. Count mysql database Disk space on external Mysql database servers  ·  completed

  12. Option to set global hostmaster address (SOA)  ·  completed

  13. Don't Auto-Replay when X-Auto-Response-Suppress is set (RFC3834)  ·  open discussion

  14. Plesk Let's Encrypt and support for ECDSA certificates  ·  completed

  15. distupgrade for Debian and Ubuntu (i.e. Debian Squeeze to Debian Wheezy)  ·  completed

  16. Integrate munin  ·  declined

  17. Resellers service plans: Hiding resources that are not allocated to them  ·  declined

  18. Show data transfer statistics by per mailbox  ·  declined

  19. No http data mix on https default page from parallels  ·  completed

  20. Change the delete a website button text

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