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  1. web statistics with additional info (HTTP/HTTPS, IPv4/IPv6)  ·  open discussion

  2. Hi, i am missing a simple cloud server app for secure sharing data with Friends like a simple DropBox with Password protect  ·  declined

  3. MySQL-Config default to innodb_file_per_table with datadir

  4. Check free disc space/quota query before cloning website

  5. SPAM protection - Check if sender Mail domain exists  ·  open discussion

  6. Custom Email Server Help Tips  ·  planned

  7. Allow migration tool to re-synchronize all domains at once  ·  open discussion

  8. Convert a Plesk mail backup into .PST format  ·  open discussion

  9. h grafana  ·  open discussion

  10. Mobile App or Responsive UI of Plesk Panel  ·  already available

  11. Temporarily remove insert, update permissions from database when a pre-defined size-limit (quota) is exceeded

  12. very cheapest client response service no any one believe on manas i have ex-prince improve fast  ·  not a feature

  13. backup e-mail data  ·  already available

  14. Add new database formats to ODBC Data Sources menu  ·  open discussion

  15. Add docker containers to plesk migrator  ·  open discussion

  16. WHMCS module / API to provision Docker containers.

  17. Implement VersionPress as part of your WordPress Toolkit. It uses WP-Cli and is Open Source.

  18. API RPC: Authentication with login/password, session token  ·  declined

  19. Have a status/progress bar when uploading restore files to a new installation (Migrator progess bar)  ·  open discussion

  20. MS Access database is not working properly with insert and update query  ·  declined

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