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  1. Checkbox to enable/disable a single email account without delete its data from server  ·  declined

  2. Backup via SSHFS  ·  open discussion

  3. Exclude internal requests from the Traffic statistics  ·  open discussion

  4. to include an anonymize option for the apache/nginx logs!  ·  completed

  5. Add docker containers to plesk migrator  ·  open discussion

  6. Update the monitorc utility provided in Watchdog to a newer version  ·  open discussion

  7. It would be nice to put a date of automatic start for automatic responses. Thank you  ·  declined

  8. Optimize PSA database to prevent disk based temporary tables & improve performance  ·  declined

  9. Add secondary email address to contact data  ·  declined

  10. SSL Cert for a Domain with 301/302 redirect  ·  already available

  11. Provide DNS query logs for each domain along with other customer log files.  ·  declined

  12. Upgrade PostgreSQL  ·  open discussion

  13. Serverbackups not include to Customer Quota  ·  already available

  14. move data in the File Manager between different subscription  ·  declined

  15. Please explain how to fix when Response.Form not working  ·  not a feature

  16. Event manager: Add a hook before an event is processed  ·  open discussion

  17. Restore Backup to alternative domain  ·  open discussion

  18. Hide "Location of the website's files" field when there is just one subscription.

  19. improve on user management (and credentials) of protected directories on Apache  ·  declined

  20. Responsive panel interface  ·  completed

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