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  1. Ability to migrate data when the same remote SmarterMail server is used for both source and destination servers  ·  declined

  2. Activate automatic responses from a date to a date.  ·  declined

  3. Cloud storage extension for Plesk  ·  declined

  4. Offer proper sftp support through mysecureshell  ·  open discussion

  5. Add scheduled tasks history/logs

  6. wanted to see SQL Server health performace  ·  open discussion

  7. Horde webmailer Events should be backed up with Plesk Backup Manager

  8. Support update of constants such as WP_PLUGIN_DIR in wp-config.php during Cloning / Copy Data / Smart Update.

  9. Open FTP by Closed Domain with to many Data  ·  declined

  10. Setting Autoreply Codes  ·  declined

  11. Backup transaction log  ·  declined

  12. Auto responder email to use same address as incoming (alias)  ·  declined

  13. Setup hostname for mail autodiscover per domain  ·  open discussion

  14. Add incremental backups for Plesk extensions  ·  open discussion

  15. What if we could open two different Screens (One for updating information files another for view and check data logs), a time saver  ·  declined

  16. should realize the capability to print the configuration for documentation  ·  declined

  17. I need TTF (True Type Font) support for use with/in a PHP Captcha class.  ·  already available

  18. Add functionality to install, modify and manage wordpress or joomla via API  ·  completed

  19. Original timestamp in backup restoration  ·  declined

  20. The configuration panel is very slow.  ·  declined

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