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  1. I need TTF (True Type Font) support for use with/in a PHP Captcha class.  ·  already available

  2. Original timestamp in backup restoration  ·  declined

  3. Network Drive Support for Plesk for Windows  ·  open discussion

  4. Add command-line arguments to Plesk reconfigurator.exe (Windows Server)  ·  open discussion

  5. The configuration panel is very slow.  ·  declined

  6. Remember when expirering  ·  declined

  7. Allowing additional email addresses for mailuser  ·  already available

  8. We should be able to take data back for respective domain emails.  ·  declined

  9. Change (or add option to select) value that is used for the customer’s account root  ·  open discussion

  10. have a tool to see the data transfer for each email account per month  ·  declined

  11. add the disc space that is CURRENTLY used. You only show used disc space since the past, but there's no place to see CURRENTLY used space!  ·  declined

  12. Add the possibility to exclude one or any domains from server backup.  ·  already available

  13. Mail Autoresponder, receive only a single message during the specific date indicated in the "switch off auto-reply on"  ·  declined

  14. manage SQL Server  ·  declined

  15. Better Database Server Assignment / Visibility  ·  open discussion

  16. create single api call for get all domains  ·  declined

  17. Usage data is limited, because of that we are not able to get new mail. request you to reply urgently  ·  declined

  18. has ability to use rsync in transvhosts for data migration.

  19. Increase timeout for MyLittleAdmin  ·  already available

  20. Update phpMyAdmin 4.8.5 due to MySQL security issue  ·  completed

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