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    Phillip commented  · 

    Allow for assigning different IP addresses for subdomains under a webspace. Right now, you cannot do this.

    For example:

    Existing Platform:

    Webspace Name:, IP assigned, shared

    2 Subdomains are needed:, and

    However, is going to use shared IP as that is a wordpress page. is going to be a web app hosted by, let's say....codeignite, and we don't want it to have to use the same IP address as the main site. Instead, we want to use

    Right now, we cannot do this. In the current plesk iteration, the subdomains of a web space, can only inherit the same IP address as the webspace, which makes management of large webspaces....difficult.

    There are many times in which a company would like to have different IP address spaces assigned to their subdomains - especially for corporate/enterprise companies who have 11+ web properties and different services on each root web property.

    A good use case example would be something like this for a typical corporation.

    Webspace Name:

    The company has services that offer:
    - Corporate Website
    - Corporate event planning website
    - Corporate File Share
    - Corporate Training Site
    - Corporate HR site
    - Corporate CRM site
    - Corporate Project Management site
    - Corporate Teams Site

    Now, if they were to do this in Plesk, even Plesk for windows, ALL of those services would share the same IP address as the parent workspace.

    When in reality, it should be separated based on the services offered.

    - Corporate Website:
    - Corporate event planning website:
    - Corporate File Share:
    - Corporate Training Site:
    - Corporate HR site:
    - Corporate CRM site:
    - Corporate Project Management site:
    - Corporate Teams Site:

    Why? There are drastic differences between technologies in play here, from different frameworks to different services. Having them physically separated from each other on the hosting platform, as well as on the IP platform makes tracking their service's easier, and tracking logging, offline time, and redundancies far more easier than if they were all using a single '' ip address. Mainly because doing HTTP monitors isn't as reliable as doing ping monitors.


    Phillip supported this idea  · 

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