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  1. Access action- log by API

    It would be helpful to access the action- log by API (maybe with filters like IP, user, time-period, keyword in the entry as like described here:

    Use Case
    Clients regularly report problems, where we suspect a manipulation done by themselves. So before asking them, "what did you do / change", we check the logs for their activity. This often is really helpful to offer a well-prepared reply and not to bother the client with such questions. Sometimes, they even didn't remember what the did.

    Unfortunately, we have to take several steps to use the Logs
    - navigate to…

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    0 comments  ·  API  ·  Admin →

    Plesk Obsidian 18.0.41 ( with this feature is now available! We’d like to thank everyone who commented on this request and provided invaluable feedback. Thanks!  See more details in the Plesk documentation:

    - Linux:

    - Windows:

    If you have any feedback on the implementation of this feature, please let us know on the forum:

    We’re closing this request since the CLI for getting action logs is completed.

    — AY

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