1. Provide DNS query logs for each domain along with other customer log files.  ·  open discussion

  2. Responsive Panel Interface  ·  completed

  3. It would be nice to put a date of automatic start for automatic responses. Thank you

  4. notification on change of personal data  ·  declined

  5. very cheapest client response service no any one believe on manas i have ex-prince improve fast  ·  not a feature

  6. Don't Auto-Replay when X-Auto-Response-Suppress is set (RFC3834)  ·  open discussion

  7. Show data transfer statistics by per mailbox  ·  declined

  8. Make it possible to change the directory of extension data.  ·  declined

  9. it is so slow when importing or exporting data of database  ·  declined

  10. Application "Joomla 3.2.2" - Language and sample data BUG  ·  completed

  11. change mysql path  ·  completed

  12. Webmail - Enable users to edit out of office (auto-response) message in webmail directly  ·  open discussion

  13. The mail setting server not saving data after last update /plesk/server/mail/  ·  not a feature

  14. Let nginx reverse-proxy deliver data from source system until transfer is finished  ·  declined

  15. Add option to Resellers can to restore data from Administrator's full backup on FTP  ·  open discussion

  16. backup e-mail data  ·  already available

  17. Change the delete a website button text

  18. Ask AWStats to report data at the end of the day, not at the beginning  ·  declined

  19. If a relay is set up, please do not delete the data on the server. Thank You.  ·  not a feature

  20. Could make a site update area, type a panel who will be responsible for updating the website !, this panel and a client that is in another h  ·  declined

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