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    This is a valid request, so we’ll look into it. There is no ETA at the moment, but we would really appreciate you voting for this request so that we can accurately assess its popularity relative to other features.

    The original request contains a manual solution, so, we consider to automate it. Please, add a comment if your case will not be solved with that solution.

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    Jean-Marie supported this idea  · 
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    Jean-Marie commented  · 

    Being desesperate for having at least more one sftp account per domaine. It becomes very difficult for account management when you have various administrator with different access rules

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    Jean-Marie commented  · 

    Find below my initial claim and reples from a private request post about this purpose:

    Initial request:

    I have been created on an additional account via Plesk without problem as final message has given the perfect achievement. Now it is impossible to connect via FTP FilleZilla whatever the sytem used : ftp.domaine.ext, sftp.domaine.ext, IP server or name_server with various port 21 and 22.
    The only possible connection is got with the main FTP account. No possibilities with any additional account. Morevoer the anymous FTP is not running, even if the boxes are cheked into the package rules.

    All of my installations are on a dedicated server

    Where could be the trouble? It is now more one week I am looking for.... but any solution on various forums and helps... near OVH services, which cannot give any solution to me !

    Many thanks in advance for your assistance,

    2nd reply

    I sincerely thank you for your answer but very short and I am not really satisfied . It is now more one week I search some ideas or solutions about this trouble on various Plesk forums and helps: nothing !
    I know the FTP creation method (your link) and have any error message while creating it.

    It is also for that I subscribed monthly maintenance support to your Plesk services and because SYS-OVH cannot give me the solution. I pay for what, I red you Plesk documents before to request your assistance. If you cannot do it, who could be do it?

    I only connect with the main FTP account via FileZilla. No other possibilities for additional FTP users as well as inexisting FTP anonymous account in spite of good rules in packaging services (unlimited pack for my own subscription, by ticked boxes and saving)

    Thank for your reply. I red this post a few days ago. That does not give me the true and wished solution I would like to use for partial access (read the comments of this post it is over all). You cannot connect via simple FTP connection for an additional user when everything is running under SSH SFTP. Moreover you advice against doing this subterfuge. Impossible for Centos 7 and Plesk Onyx 17.8 association.

    Today, the only way will your possible Plesk implementation for SFTP additional user... but when and perhaps never. In other words, you have to continue with the current concept and have to create as much as sub-domaine than user' access you want give, which will have its specific and own directory for the concerned user.

    The second way is to change of web management interface... Previoulsy, I worked with cPanel on other dedicated servers without this kind of problem. I choice your Plesk system on OVH advice, I am a little bit disappointed today. Must I have to change back ?... maybe the best way.

    It really becomes very urgent to have a complete SFTP access for all of the users accounts on Plesk : mains as well additionals.... if you do nothing about this important security connection purpose, I wlll be obliged to change back to cPanel under duress.

    Many thanks for your understanding and bettert cooperation by a quick update. .

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