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    We have serious doubts this function can really increase server security:
    1) Plesk has built-in protection against brute-force on login – it will lock the login form. So no one can try multiple attempts
    2) Arbitrary login name adds very little guess-complexity to a proper password. If you have concerns for your login brute-forced – add another 5-7 characters into your password and feel safe.

    As changed login name is still very likely to be some sort of vocabulary word or derived from your other account name – this function would only give a false sense of better security. Your security strength is in complex password, not in a complex login name. If you have one good password, you don’t need to treat login as your “second password” – one good password is enough.

    As for concerns that default password requirement is set in “weak”, that fail2ban module is not…

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    HawaiianHope.org commented  · 

    Andrea, i agree.. a more secure username is "not important." ???

    Or if i wanted to piss off a web admin if i am having an argument with them.. then i go to their control panel and just toss random junk at their "admin" account so that it locks them out on purpose. that is the point right ? cant brute force it so it locks you out ? and what if that is my intent ? to lock out the real admin ? i would be happy to do that all day, keep someone locked out of their own system. all i need to know is their admin account login is named "admin"

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