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provide more nginx options

Have the ability to provide more Nginx builds/packages. For example, offer a 'nginx-full'-package with more modules.

For example, I need the Nginx headers more module. Since this need to be built-in at compile time, it isn't possible to add this later on. So that would mean replace the Plesk version of Nginx with the distro-default. (Heck, why does Plesk need it's own Nginx-build, anyway?)

No, passing headers from Apache is not an option, especially when I'm using the Nginx - PHP-FPM setup.

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  • Michael commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    It would also be very handy to be able to select the log format or at least alter it or define a custom one like
    log_format timed_combined '$remote_addr - $remote_user [$time_local] '
    '"$request" $status $body_bytes_sent '
    '"$http_referer" "$http_user_agent" '
    '$request_time $upstream_response_time';
    This includes the variables $request_time and $upstream_response_time while everything else is default. Right now, there is no possibility to add this information to the access log.

  • Marvin Zurborg commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I created a request for real mod_security support in Plesks nginx, but this is actually far better. Please work on this Plesk team!

  • dreamer22 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    It is a very important feature. I dont understand, why people do not vote for this one. It is a very odd situation. It is obvious, we all need nginx, because it is fast, and now with http2 and microcaching - superfast. But the nginx version, which comes with Plesk, is a cripple. It is a no win situation. We need Plesk, and we need Nginx with more options and much flexible in configuration.

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