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Plesk Server license migration grace time display


When migration a whole server to a new host it is sometimes required to migrate the current license to the new host machine (there are several different reasons for this).
As for now (10.12.2016) I understand that there is a grace period that allows to double use the license on two machines.
This is nice and works fine, BUT this should be displayed on both machines, the current AND the new machine.

On the license management page and the start page of Plesk panel (to admins only!).
The following data should be displayed:

- Indicate that this license is used two times. (Make it annoyingly visible, don't hide it in the context)
--- Indicate hostnames and both Plesk Server main IPs that are using the same license.

- Display days left until both servers are shutdown (psa) because of double license usage
--- Maybe add a button where the user can define which server should keep the license and to lock down the other server (only in case of a new server, from the old server) to work against wrong usage.

- Display details of when either license was added and from which user.
- Allow user to "pause" productive license usage on the new server, allowing the user to setup the new machine without time pressure and or deadlines.
--- User should than be allowed to continue putting the server into productive mode

The explaination might be somewhat confusing and not everything might make sense, but please ask and I'll clarify.

I also spoke to Jan. L. about this and he asked me to put this up on Uservoice, please don't hesitate to give me a call.


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