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autodiscover for email settings for linux and windows

autodiscover for email settings for linux and windows

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  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    We want this autoconfig thing to have Thunderbird, Outlook and IOS Devices detect automatically PORTS and SERVER and USERNAME when setting up a new Email in Email Clients.
    At the moment Client has to change and insert everthing manually.




  • Scott Benton commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Just adding my name to the list here. I've done several hours of work on this, and was not able to get a good result in testing with Thunderbird client. If there was at the very least some good step-by-step documentation on 1) DNS settings (for configuring multiple client domains to connect to a single mailserver ie. mail.example.com 2) A way to automatically generate autoconfig.xml file with the correct server names, port numbers, etc. 3) Documentation on where those files should be placed. Please and thanks!

  • Nathan commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    With the increasing need for improved security including more complex email addresses its important to cater for the end user - those typically with much less confidence in technology. Allowing them to have a pleasant experience with configuring their email accounts, SSL settings etc will reduce time for service teams but also help encourage them to explore technology more. We are in the business of making things easier

  • G J Piper commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    When this is implemented, it will also need to have the domain name fully customizable for those of us that use Plesk for an email-only server.

    I have the email domains as root domains (domain.tld) on the server, but I have remote DNS handled so that mail.domain.tld is the MX pointing to the server.

    So, if the autodiscover output says that the mail server is at "domain.tld" it will fail. Don't make it fully automatic without the ability to define the server domain manually.

  • Webadmin commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate


    This would be excellent if it can be implemented easily in Plesk. The point of having a control panel is to make the experience simple and easy for customers that we serve. As hosters, it will take time to not only explain configuration settings to customers, but it is a tedious time consuming task that should be simple for both the customer and host.

    Please add this to the next plesk update. Highly appreciate it!!

  • Me commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi there,

    autodiscover is helpful for Thunderbird, Outlook and Apple mail. There is a tool available which helps to achive these features: https://automx.org/en/

    Using this tool, you can autoconfigure mail clients for plesk. If your plesk server (hosting the e-mail service) is installed at [anysubdomain.]mydomain.com, use the following steps to use the tool:

    1) Create the subdomains autodiscover.mydomain.com and autoconfig.mydomain.com and make sure that automx is working for these two subdomains (according to the instructions of automx, e.g., install the required modules etc.). This also includes the following additional instructions for Apache (both HTTP and HTTPS as well as for autodiscover.mydomain.com and autoconfig.mydomain.com (the last two lines are optional):

    ServerAlias autoconfig.*
    <IfModule mod_wsgi.c>
    WSGIScriptAliasMatch \
    (?i)^/.+/(autodiscover|config-v1.1).xml \
    <Directory "/usr/local/lib/automx">
    Order allow,deny
    Allow from all

    RewriteEngine on
    RewriteRule ^$ https://www.mydomain.com/ [R=301,L]

    2) Make sure to install & activate SSL certificates for both subdomains.

    3) Make sure that the DNS server resolves both subdomains.

    4) Edit the default DNS template and add CNAME entries from autoconfig.<domain> to autoconfig.mydomain.com and from autodiscover.<domain> to autodiscover.domain.com.

    5) Apply the DNS template to all existing domains in Plesk.

    6) Set up an approriate automx.conf file, e.g.,:

    provider = <your name>
    domains = *

    account_type = email
    account_name = %s (via Your Providername)
    account_name_short = %s
    display_name = %s

    backend = static
    action = settings

    smtp = yes
    smtp_server = <your-smtp-server-name>
    smtp_port = 587
    smtp_encryption = starttls
    smtp_auth = encrypted
    smtp_auth_identity = %s

    imap = yes
    imap_server = <your-imap-server-name>
    imap_port = 993
    imap_encryption = auto
    imap_auth = encrypted
    imap_auth_identity = %s

    pop = yes
    pop_server = <your-pop-server-name>
    pop_port = 995
    pop_encryption = auto
    pop_auth = encrypted
    pop_auth_identity = %s

    Now requests to autoconfig.customerdomain.com should be redirected to autoconfig.mydomain.com and automx should server the required settings to the clients.

    As a conclusion: with the work of a few hours, this could be enabled for all Plesk customers!

  • Mitchell commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Many modern e-mail clients such as Thunderbird, Apple Mail and Outlook 2016 are looking for a file for the e-mail server settings when adding a new account. It would be nice if Plesk creates such files (like htto://domain.ltd/autodiscover/autodiscovery.xml)

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