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Abdullah KURTBAŞ

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    Additional information regarding this request:

    Please be sure you are an owner of IP-address if you plan to vote this suggestion.

    An owner of a block of IP-addresses has ability configure PTR records for IP-addresses in the block. If you rent a server or create a virtual machine in a cloud, you are not an owner of IP-address.

    Usually, companies like ISP or Cloud Providers own blocks of IP-addresses. In this case, you need to use Hosting/Cloud Provider Control Panel and set up reverse zone for an IP-address (not in Plesk Panel).

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    Abdullah KURTBAŞ commented  · 

    Hello Guys, I am able to add rDNS and PTR record easly in cpanel. Now i am testing Plesk Panel and there is no way to do it easly. I have to go back to Hosting Provider and do this operation manually which is not confortable. This should be a future build in already in Plesk. I am really dissapointed about this problem. I am looking forward to see this future in Plesk

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